Broadie’s Bulletin 09/12/13

Dear friends, first of all, thanks for signing-up to this newsletter. I used to be a regular emailer-er with newsletters but my old site went sideways and for one reason or another, I lost my whole database of subscribers from years of gathering. So thank you, thank you, thank you for being here and because I don’t like my inbox getting a pounding, rest assured these emails won’t be too frequent for most of you….hopefully!

A Side B Side Seaside – Album News
News-wise, it’s crazy that I haven’t sent out a note yet about my nomination for a Golden Guitar! I’m super excited to be a CMAA finalist for Alt-Country Album Of The Year and we’ll know the results of that come January 25th 2014. I’ll be attending the awards night and it’s always a great occasion. I’m especially happy to be walking the red carpet with my beautiful girlfriend Rachel, who inspires me every day and whole-heartedly supports and believes in me and my growing list of artistic endeavours. I’m a lucky man!

In lieu of an elaborate, retrospective look at my A Side B Side Seaside album’s achievements, suffice to say, amazing reviews including 4 stars in the Sydney Morning Herald and another major award nomination back in September plus a touring schedule for 6 months that saw the album find many new friends and me having a whole heap of fun in some wonderful towns and venues, all of this, is reward enough for the efforts I put in to write, record and produce this album and I couldn’t be more proud.

Inside Songwriting
This has been 18 months of work for me and to explain it quickly, I had reached a place in my life whereby I felt the urge to share and to somehow turn my experience and thoughts into value for others. It didn’t take me long to decide that I was best able to do that in the realms of songwriting and all that that encompasses in relation to my experience in that arena. I’m loving the journey and I’m sharing everything I’ve learned.

My thoughts and ideas on songwriting have mostly philosophical leanings, which means that they’re for every level of songwriter. It’s a joy to share and these writings and podcasts etc. Are always interesting for me to put together and deliver.

Here’s the podcast link
And The Free-Thinking Songwriter book link:
If this stuff is not for you? Perhaps you know someone you’d like to share it with?

Live Shows
I have one more special show for the year, this Friday, Dec 13th at The Acoustic Picnic (Venue: The Music Lounge, Brookvale, NSW) Bookings can be made at

I’ll hopefully share some more news with you before the New Year but for now, thanks for reading and all the best!

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