Karl Broadie Made In Scotland

Made In Scotland

Made In Scotland

The first of my made in Scotland shows got the concept off to a great start!

A little background to the story; I have been playing live music for 20 something years. Never been enthusiastic about playing cover songs. I did a stint where I tried but didn’t love it and didn’t stick with it.

I don’t like being told by drunk folk, what I should play when I’m there to either put on a show or entertain them, however you look at it, I can’t stand the attitude whereby they think they own us and can tell us where we’re going wrong.

I see the plus side for my many friends who make a living doing this. Firstly, many of them find it REALLY enjoyable. I get that! It’s just that I don’t find it enjoyable, for the most part.

The other plus for my friends is that at a certain level, we can earn a lot more dough for playing covers than we can for our original music. Sound far fetched? It should sound far fetched but it’s actually become the norm.

I often wish I could do what my friends do and love it! so for a while now I’ve had the idea that if I was ever to do that, I would only play songs by Scottish artists. This is what happens to a person who lives 12,000 miles from their beloved homeland.

So, I did the first one last night! It was the first time I’ve been nervous for years. Nervous about how the show might be received, that is.

I had a great show of support from friends and fans AND I got to share some of my favourite songs AND I got to talk about my Scotland. Lots.

It’s a win….. for Scotland…..which doesn’t happen very often. haha.

If you were there last night, thanks so much! If you are in support of this concept, thank you! If you have read this post to the end, thank you and maybe I’ll be in your town one day, either playing my original songs or a mixture of my originals and Scottish songs.

Thanks especially to Michael J Roberts to Brad Harris and Bill Donohue and of course to everyone at The Bunker, Coogee Diggers for hosting!

Cheers! See ye at the next one or sometime.


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